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I think that visiting Tlaquepaque goes pretty much hand in hand with visiting Guadalajara, and in this post I’m about to share how we usually spend a day in this lovely Magic Town and what makes it so special.

Located 10 km southeast of Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque - which means the “place above clay land” - is a very popular day trip destination for tourists and locals alike, especially on the weekends; so if you are not a fan of crowds, I recommend to visit on a weekday instead.

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Tlaquepaque is famous for its art galleries, ceramics, blown glass and mariachi culture. One of my favorite things to do here is stroll along Calle Independencia and the adjacent streets colorfully decorated with umbrellas or papel picado, check out the artisan vendors, buy souvenirs and visit the art galleries. One I consider you shouldn’t miss is the Sergio Bustamante Gallery; this famous Mexican artist and sculptor has its art displayed in many museums across the country and the world, and wherever I see them I do my best to visit.

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Another thing I enjoy doing in Tlaquepaque is sit in the Hidalgo Garden with a nieve de garrafa or plate of fried anchovies in hand, watching the kids run around, people having their snacks and the birds flying in circles around the kiosk surrounded by palms and beautiful flower bushes. It’s a very relaxing view to take in and to appreciate for its beauty.

Now of course no place is truly complete without the FOOD element! Aside from the delicious street vendor snacks, there is a place I always like to return to for lunch; it’s called La Mata Tinta and it has a secret, tucked away vibe to it because it’s not directly open to the street but more hidden away, accessible through a little store lined alley. The food here is always delicious and we always follow lunch with drinks to hang out a little longer and enjoy the music and ambiance.

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Oh - and there is actually another restaurant recommendation I just have to share with you, this one is for dinner and it's called Casa Luna. This place is designed by a Paris educated designer and it’s not only a feast for the belly, but also an absolute feast for the eyes. It’s an excellent place to bring someone on a romantic date for example, so if you have someone you’d like to impress, think no further. It also has these beautiful wood wings installed right outside where you can take, like me, the cheesy Insta photos.

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Ok friends, that would pretty much conclude my reporting on Tlaquepaque. I hope you enjoyed this short post and that you get to see Tlaquepaque for yourself if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you enjoy our content and consider joining the Patreon community for exclusive, one of a kind perks. Until next time, stay adventurous, have fun and keep chasing colors!


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