As a digital creator, I completely understand all the different aspects of content creation and I value the time and effort that go into it more than you can imagine. It’s the main reason why I decided to create a program that rewards influencers fairly not only with free merchandise but also with sales commissions which means you can make as much or as little $$$ as the time you commit to bringing awareness to the brand and generate sales.

Girl at Palace of Fine Arts dressed in a long blue dress.


With that said, we're currently looking for Brand Insiders aka Accessory Queens that love to create and share travel and lifestyle content featuring promo items. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to contact us to request an application form. 

And now comes the best part: why should you apply? Well, because:

  • FREE MERCH (you receive store credit when you get accepted as well as later through the duration of the program when new products get added)
  • UNLIMITED FEATURES (Insta, Facebook, blog, product pages, etc.)
  • GIVEAWAY items for your audience
  • INVITE to the private INSIDER COMMUNITY group
  • 10% SALES COMMISSION tracked with your personalized code and other fun incentives we'll be rolling out.

This is also a great opportunity to build, expand or simply refresh your SOCIAL MEDIA KIT. And speaking of... we have someone on our team who can help you create a customized social media kit if you haven’t already. So yes resources are plenty and we’re happy to share!

We look forward to receiving your applications!