Vintage black and white photo of little girl wearing cute dress.


As a kid, I always loved hair bows, but I never really got the chance to wear them because my hair was always cut short, so through my childhood I very often fantasized about having long wavy hair and being able to style it with cute accessories. I’m not much different now, I still love me a cute oversized hair bow and especially when I travel, I put extra effort into styling and accessorizing my hair as well as my outfits. If I had to pick my top travel essentials when it comes to accessories, I’d say: hair bows, backpacks and hats. They just seem to magically prettify any outfit; not to mention they make my travel photos look so much better as well.


Long hair blonde girl with a pink hair bow in a palace corridor adored with stained glass walls.

All items sold on Clau Chases Colors are a reflection of my romantic, dreamy self and have been carefully curated over the course of a few weeks. I hope they inspire you to create, I hope they inspire you to dream, I hope they inspire you to travel.

xo, Clau